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Consultancy services for starting and managing a business in Tanzania
A trading partner in Tanzania

At Miamia, we are committed to excellence and driven by a passion for delivering exceptional consultancy services and trading solutions in Tanzania. With a wealth of experience in Tanzania, we have what is needed to empower businesses and individuals to explore, start and manage business in Tanzania.


General business consultations.
Proposing best business idea.
Research & feasibility studies.
Business & project plans.
Foreigner relocation assistance.
Visa and permits assistance.
Stakeholders connections assistance.
Assistance for getting proper premise.
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Company incorporation.
Business license.
Trade name & trade mark registrations.
TIN & VAT registrations
TMDA & TBS registrations.
NEMC, OSHA, Fire registrations.
EWURA & GCLA registrations
TCRA registrations.
TIRA & BOT registrations.

B: Trading of Grains and Other Products

We do trade of grains (cereals) and other commodities including rice paddy, maize, millet, beans, sesame, sorghum, cashew nuts, almonds, soya beans, ground nuts, sunflower, castor, coconuts, cassava, potatoes, peas, etc.

C: Mission and vision

Our vision: Prosperity for all. Our Mission: Nurturing Skills, Fostering Prosperity.

Our vision is to achieve “Prosperity for all,” a future where everyone can thrive and prosper. To bring this vision to life, our mission is to focus on “Nurturing Skills, Fostering Prosperity.” We are committed to nurturing the skills and talents of individuals, equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Through this empowerment, we aim to foster prosperity not only for our stakeholders but for society as a whole. Our mission embodies a dedication to skill development and the creation of opportunities that lead to a brighter, more prosperous future for individuals and communities alike.

Contact Us

If you want to get in touch with us click here. Or hook up with us using any of the following options. We are available 8 hours a day during the working hours.

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