Business Opportunities in Tanzania Construction Sector

Building & Construction Sector biggest driver of Tanzania Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Construction sector in TanzaniaTanzania Building & Construction Sector is made up of Construction of buildings, Construction of roads and railways, Construction of utility projects, Construction of other civil engineering projects, Demolition, site preparation, Electrical installation, Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation, Building completion and finishing, and Other specialized construction activities.

The construction sector in the country was determined to be worthy USD 6.7 billion in 2018 compared to USD 4 billion in 2014. In other words, the sector grew by an average of 17% per year.

That growth was driven by infrastructure development and increase in manufacturing of hardware and construction materials.

The sector is expected to grow to USD 14.2 billion in 2025.

The sector is regulated by ten regulatory authorities. These are:
1. Tanzania Building Agency (TBA),
2. Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS),
3. Tanzania Rural and Urban Roads Agency (TARURA),
4. Tanzania Electrical, Mechanical, and Service Agency (TEMESA),
5. Roads Fund Board (RFB), 6. National Construction Council (NCC),
7. Contractors’ Registration Board (CRB),
8. Engineers’ Registration Board (ERB),
9. Architects’ and Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Board (AQRB), and
10. Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).

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