Business Opportunities in Tanzania Trading Sector

General Trading, Whole Sale Trading, Retail Trading, Exporting, Importing.

Tanzania trading sector is made up of wholesale and retail activities.

The Wholesale and Retail Opportunities: Importation and sale of equipment, importation and sale of lubricants, importation and sale of textile products, importation and sale of cosmetic products, importation and sale of electric products, importation and sale of electronic products, importation and sale of navigation equipments, importation and sale of sanitary wares.

Other opportunities in the Tanzania Trading Sector include establishing large supermarket, establishing mini supermarket, establishing specialised retail rhop, establishing unspecialised retail shop, establishing online retail business (E-Commerce), trading of forex, trading of shares, etc.

Other opportunities include trading of commodities like grains, beans, seeds, and other commodities that are readily available in Tanzania or that can be imported from across the continent and beyond.

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