Tanzania Timber Export Business Opportunities

Top partner countries to which Tanzania Exports Timber include Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Comoros.

Tanzania timber export is great business opportunity to pursue. Timber/wood is in the forestry sector and this sector is highly regulated to control deforestation and climate issues. Consequently, any business involving timber and/or wood requires some specific forest services agency permits.

Data from International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) shows that, in 2021 Tanzania:

  1. Produced 7.5 million cubic meters of Industrial Roundwood and exported 48,830 cubic meters.
  2. Produced 350,000 cubic meters of Plywood and exported 275,410 cubic meters.
  3. Produced 340,000 cubic meters of Sawnwood and exported 272,640 cubic meters.
  4. Produced 182,000 cubic meters of Veneer wood and exported 158,010 cubic meters.

Based on these figures, there is still a huge opportunity of exporting Industrial Roundwood. The main export partner is the Democratic Republic of the Congo followed by Zambia, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi.

Tanzania Timber Industry Potentials

Data from the World Bank development indicators shows that, as of 2020, 51.64% of the total land in Tanzania is covered by forests. This is around 457,450 square kilometers. With all that, Tanzania cannot currently meet demand for timber and fuel-wood, leading to US$150m of imports a year plus the mining of natural forests, with deforestation running at 400,000 ha per year.

Tanzania has among Africa’s most favourable growing conditions and significant land available for planting. Opportunities exist to dramatically raise productivity, particularly through technology transfer and innovation. With a rising population, economic growth and industrialisation set to increase demand further, Tanzania needs to transform its forestry sector.

By taking the right steps, the country can protect its natural forests, exploit compelling export opportunities, and ensure that hundreds of thousands of new jobs are created in a thriving sector.

The Trend of Tanzania Timber Products Exports

Tanzania Timber Export
Timber Products Exports Trend from 2007 to 2018 (Million TZS)

The Countries Where You can Export Tanzania Timber Products [Tanzania Main Timber Export Partners]

You can export Tanzania timber to Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and Comoros as the main partners. Other export partners are South Africa, Namibia, United Sates, Netherlands, DRC, Rwanda, UK, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, India, Iran, Czech, Belgium, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Germany, UAE, France, Norway, China, Burundi, Sweden, Serbia, Canada, Austria, Australia and Egypt.

Tanzania Timber Products that You Can Export

The main wood products exported from Tanzania are Industrial roundwood, Industrial roundwood (C), Industrial roundwood (NC), Industrial roundwood (NC.T.), Sawnwood, Sawnwood (C), Sawnwood (NC), Sawnwood (NC.T.), Veneer, Veneer (C), Veneer (NC), Veneer (NC.T.), Plywood, Plywood (C), Plywood (NC) and Plywood (NC.T.)

Some of the Main Timber Export Companies in Tanzania

Some of the main timber/wood exporters in Tanzania are:

  1. IGAA Exports Co Ltd exports timber logs, teak and pine wood.
  2. Riyami Resources exports timbers logs.
  3. Pinnacle Loggers Tanzania Ltd exports Veneer, Plywood, timber Logs For Both Pines and Eucalyptus.
  4. Konas exports timber Logs, Lumber Woods.
  5. Groculture Company Ltd exports Softwood, Hardwood, timber Logs, Teak wood, Cashew Kernels, Sesame Seeds and Coves.
  6. Curious International Ltd exports varieties of timber and other products like sisal cashew nuts and minerals.
  7. Reverse Logistics Ltd exports timber logs and other products like clinker, minerals, lime and other agricultural commodities.
  8. Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative exports Sawn timber Logs.
  9. Sicy Company Ltd exports Wood / timber, Pterocarpus Tinctorius, Rosewood, Mukula Wood, Mkurungu Wood.
  10. Sandra Group Global exports wood / timber, Soft Hardwood, Hardwood, and other agricultural products.
  11. Teak Tanzania Ltd exports Teak Sawn timber.
  12. Terrah Enterprises exports timber Logs, agricultural products, minerals and gemstones.
  13. Pethad Trading Ltd exports timber / Wood ( Soft Wood), Pine, Eucalyptus and agricultural products.
  14. Ihembe Timber Products And Pole Ltd exports Hardwood Eucalyptus.
  15. Olage Marketing Company Ltd exports Wood / timber, agricultural products and gemstones.
  16. Tranax Investment Ltd exports timber Logs and several other products including agricultural products.

Procedures to Start a Timber Export Company

1. Get the company registered with BRELA.

This is the first and the most basic step in the registration of a company. Here you need to apply for incorporation of the company through the online registration system that is accessible via the url https://ors.brela.go.tz.

We have a guide that explains how to register a company in Tanzania. We can as well process the registration for you. We charge reasonable fees for this service. Get in touch with us now to register your company in Tanzania.

2. Get the company registered with TRA.

One of the directors will be required to visit the nearest TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) and pick:

  • Forms for company TIN registration.
  • Forms for individual TIN registration.
  • Local government introduction letter.

3. Get the company registered with Tanzania Forestry Services Agency (TFS).

4. Apply for a business license.

5. Finalize other operational requirements

like hiring employee, registering with NSSF, WCF, Fire, opening bank account, etc.

Procedures to Export a Consignment of Timber Products

Published by Kessy Juma

Kessy Juma

Kessy Juma is the founder of Miamia Trading Company (miamiatz). He is a Techpreneur with roots in accountancy. He believes that any business is good as long it caters the right market using the right strategy.

miamia miamia miamia miamia

Published by Kessy Juma

Kessy Juma Kessy Juma is the founder of Miamia Trading Company (miamiatz). He is a Techpreneur with roots in accountancy. He believes that any business is good as long it caters the right market using the right strategy.

miamia miamia miamia miamia
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